Founded in 1985 as a distributor of films for homevideo, Sato Company has evolved and expanded its activities in the areas of production, product licensing, pay and free TV and video on demand (SVOD/VOD).

As a distributor, Sato is a pioneer and reference in anime, live actions and Japanese productions as National Kid, Ultraman, Jiraiya, Cybercop, and many other remarkable tokusatsus.

Sato Company is the first Latin America company to be a Netflix aggregator, selecting films, series and documentaries for national and international independent producers.

Currently, Sato represents international broadcasters to Brazil, as Telefe, TV Asahi and NTV (Nippon Television).


Due to the good relationship that Sato Company has with the Brazilian television stations, the company also work with sale of advertising space. Your product or service can be advertised in TV spots by very attractive values. Check our solutions and put your brand on television.


The approval of the new Brazilian law of pay TV, provided the expansion of business in this segment. In this way, Sato Company expanded its investment in domestic production to meet the market demand. With the principle of producing new formats, movies, series, the company also acts as "taylor-made".


Sato Company emerged as a distributor of movies in 1985, releasing animes and Japanese productions of great success. The company also release the most famous tokusatsus series, as National Kid, Ultraman, Cybercop, Jiraiya, etc.


Since 2011, Sato Company operates in the video on demand market (Video On Demand, VOD) and is aggregator of content to Netflix. Sato is one of the companies responsible for the selection of films, series and documentaries - both national and international - for Netlfix in Latin America.

New Business

Operating in the market for 30 years, Sato Company uses its good relationship to bring many new business opportunities with Content Marketing (Branded Content), developing projects with interactivity and content relevant to the target consumer.


Sato Company is part of the Brazilian Association of Independent Television Producers (ABPI-TV) and is allowed to represent domestic producers in the international market during the international television events. At present our production in these events, Sato Company encourages and helps expand domestic production, with new businesses and different opportunities.

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